Our Model

EarthEnable develops ultra-affordable, extremely sustainable, and high-quality earthen housing products and construction techniques in our design lab.


We develop products through grassroots research, like  our local materials (LOMA) floor, introduced in 2019.  Masons construct our products by combining free  earthen materials available within walking distance of a  customer’s house with EarthEnable’s proprietary plant-  based varnish.

EarthEnable identifies masons to become micro- franchisees and trains them to


Construct EarthEnable’s housing products by sourcing and treating locally available materials using our proprietary techniques; Master five core business skills for their entrepreneur venture (sales, financial management, people management, project management, and strategic planning).

EarthEnable’s ongoing role can be replicated by others, which will catalyze an affordable healthy housing industry.


After an initial four year period of providing micro-  franchisees follow-on training and creating demand for  our products, our costs decline, then break-even at the  district level.

EarthEnable’s role shifts to selling the varnish and conducting quality assurance on every product installed. Once we have developed the local market by removing barriers to entry and demonstrating the profitability of serving housing needs, other groups  (NGOs, small-businesses, even successful micro-franchisees) will replicate our role.

Out Comes


I joined EarthEnable in 2020 during the time when Covid started after I had seen how well EarthEnable was treating their employees even during the pandemic. I left my job as a security guard and joined EarthEnable as a helper for a franchisee. I am happy to say that I was trained to become a franchisee and I am running my own business now. Becoming a franchisee means I can recruit my own helpers, which enables me to make more sales and get a better income. In the future, I want to increase my skills and learn how to build an entire house.

Pierre Ndahiro

EarthEnable franchisee

Jean Pierre joined us as a mason from Masoro, before, he used to work as a day laborer. Some days, he would make money, and other days he would not; it was largely up to luck. His family constantly worried if they would have enough money or not. Since EarthEnable employed him, he has learned new skills and earned a consistent salary for his family. Currently, he is a district manager and much more is in the future with EarthEnable.

Jean Pierre Ngarama


These happy faces on this mother and daughter as a result of a new floor. “I have been struggling with a dirt floor and maintaining a healthy home for my children. I couldn’t afford a concrete floor due to the prices. But now with this maintainable floor, i am assured to years of a clean home

Chantal Uwimana